Create Custom Strategies & Betting Systems

If you already have your own playing strategy or betting system and can’t find it on ABCCounter software’s list, you can easily create it.


This feature can be very helpful when you want to try different variations of the same playing strategy or betting system.


Custom Playing Strategy screenshot

Custom Playing Strategy

You can create your own playing strategies. Just program ABCCounter’s actions in the different situations that it may occur when playing blackjack.


The method of programming is so customizable that any system can be reproduced and implemented to be later used.

Custom Betting System screenshot

Custom Betting System

You can create your own betting system by using the different variables we present to you. This allows you to program betting systems that will be adapted according to the last 10-15 rounds played, the money you won or whichever options you choose.

Unlimited Customization Options screenshot

Unlimited Customization Options

You have so many choices when creating and implementing customized betting systems and playing strategies that the sky truly is the limit.

Share Your Strategies & Systems screenshot

Share Your Strategies & Systems

You can save any custom system you create as a file to your PC. You can then easily share this file with friends or family members so they can use them too.

Test Custom Strategies screenshot

Test Custom Strategies

You have the option to test your custom strategies in a virtual money mode. This allows you to see how well your custom playing strategies and betting systems perform without risking losing your money.

Simulation Mode for Real Money Play screenshot

Simulation Mode for Real Money Play

Many players have noticed that play money is different from real money play in certain casinos. This is why we have included a simulation mode so you can test different betting systems and playing strategies without risking a lot of money.


In this mode, the software always places the minimum bet while keeping track of the results. At the end of the game, you can see how well your strategies performed.

More features are coming very soon, and we are continuously expanding our feature range. If you would like to see new features in our next release, please send us your suggestions.

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